Monday, June 20, 2011

Still on the Trails Kick!

Still gettin after the dirt ramping for the most part, but before that session went down I had the pleasure of announcing the Fresno Summer Pro/Am BMX Comp at Mosqueda the BMX only park in Fresno. Great facility and one hell of a contest. $5000 bucks was distributed through the top 5 guys in the pro class and all were thankful for the exception of one southern cal jackass who goes by the name of Daniel Sandoval. Kids a real douchebag and was seriously ranting about a 4th place finish to the tune of $800. Haha not bad in my opinion for a few runs and 2minutes 15seconds of tricks. Seriously your gonna try and shit talk the judging because you didnt win? Fuck outta here kid. Ryan did an excellent job and Mosqueda has a serious scene thats thriving out there. My 2 favorite riders did well with Chad Osburn getting 2nd overall after a tie breaker for the win, and Stevie Grote killed it and just missed out on making the top 5 and some cash. Cant wait for the next round in 6 months!

Trails! I been linking tricks and lines at secret spot in Aptos, and after some debate about how gnarly the Post Office trails were I said fuck it we are already here lets go ride em. Jay Fil wasnt too sure but I knew if I started trying them he would follow suit. Which he did. he has a little work to do but he took a solid first step and is starting to ride the big boy sets out there. It was my first actual trip there and I was psyked after about 15 attempts to make it through the whole hip line which is basically STEEP and DEEP to say the least. You hang 50/50 on one of those landings and your day will go bad in a hurry. Luckily I left the race style in the car and was boostin and leanin in and getting through. Tons of fun and anxious to ride those spots some more!


Chris McMahon said...

Should've came to The Sanctuary, man. You would've had a fucking blast in that indoor warehouse.

Chris McMahon said...

After reviewing all my footage and editing the video... that Sandoval kid probably should've placed higher. His first run was retarded enough that I didn't bother writing out the tricks like I normally do, instead titling it "daniel retarded good run."

nickdawg said...

And I will openly admit that the kid ripped and ripped hard. But you as much as anybody knows in a park where 3 out of the top 5 guys are just box jump warriors its definitely makes their riding less exciting because you just saw a version of this whip and that barspin and that double whip again and again over the box. He ripped it. 5 judges scored the event and the format probably didnt help him because the first score you got was a solid keeper and you couldnt better it so if you crashed out your first run, you were stuck with like a 4,5,6 out of 10 and thats a near death sentence even if you did get a perfect 10 for your second score thats still 14,15, or 16 overall... Good kid, but a shitty attitude.