Sunday, June 12, 2011

If the streets is talkin...

Then the trails are shouting suckas! I dont know that I was burned out on riding in the past few weeks, but Ive been riding quite a bit and as much as possible between all the work shifts but I switched things up and got back to the trails as I always do around my Bday and it was refreshing. Not much emphasis on tricks at all just going fast and enjoying smooth lines and dirty jeans. I met up with Fowler @ Polo in Aptos and we headed over to secret spot and just had a blast riding a long line that isnt the hardest and demanding but as always if you get caught slipping the trails will check you up quickly. I stayed fairly clean and just had a blast and went back not just Saturday but repeated process on Sunday. All the other boys were getting snappy out at the Manteca races, but for me the trails were a blessing and the perfect way to get refreshed before starting a burner week of 8:30am BMX Camps and then straight to regional for the hospital shifts. I didnt get any pics of the jumps because my sd card was missing in my phone, but Ill try next time. Good times and a promising future!

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