Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just lean back bruhhh.

Been riding trails alot lately and gettin comfy rockin the dirt jumps for sure. Threw down a few 360's on a set in the main line at Post Office in Aptos and been itching to flip it. Didnt think it would be very hard and it went fairly smooth the first go round and then did it again and finished the line with a table and turndown for good measure. Now just have to work on sprinkling in some more steeze on the setup jumps before it and walaaaa. Headed to NBL Grands this weekend in Louisville and dont think the dirt skills will help there, but Ill be trying to get my go fast on haha. Need to bang out a letter to good ol Chuck Reed and help the save LCRSP cause, even though Im not working there I still gotta keep that place open for good measure. Greg Watts jump coming soon so if anyone has a spiffy photo guy send em my way.


Jonas said...

its not you. I believe thats a stunt rider.

nickdawg said...

Andre Ellison is probably the only other dark racer on the planet capable of rampin trails. If the audio was better you could hear the sounds of my bike rattling from neglect and you would surely know it was me LOL