Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tried to tell ya!

As previously mentioned Im back in the graces of city employment after a few month hiatus. Got booted and brought back lol. Pretty jazzed and doing my best to help things roll along @ LCRSP. Good things on the horizon for sure. Winter camp is next week for my first order of business back and should be a fun week for all the kids. If your interested you can get registered early or just show up Monday morning and surprise me. Skate kids are like 10 deep already so the BMX camp will likely be smaller but just as much fun Im sure. Second order of business and you may hate or love it, all sessions at LCRSP will be open to everyone from here on out. The effective date is Monday the 19th. So whats that mean... You can ride BMX anytime the park is open, you'll have to be courteous and keep an eye out as you'll be sharing the park with more users and different user groups but you just gained more access to the park for sure. Im pretty psyked and will be good to see what sessions start to grow with no more attention being given to times and days, just show up and ride. Evo is still @ FFTEC and I picked up some RC 1200cc injectors and a walbro 255 fuel pump this week which is getting dropped off and installed prior to the full tune for 91 and map base for e85. e85 is now down to just $3.19 a gallon so Im psyked on that :) fill ups will be cheaper for the evo and that I can appreciate. Also saw an e85 station on Montague and 880 in SJ which makes 2 very close stations for me :) yay. Check the flier above for LCRSP camp info and see ya there!

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