Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Feud Xmas Edition

Where do I start. Xmas has gotten smaller and smaller every year and I only really noticed this year because with no NBL Xmas Classic race I had no other options but to hang around and do the fam bam version of gifts and what not. We were missing quite a few people and I wont call em out, but uhhh who the fuck misses Xmas? Really? If you have a valid reason and your out of state or something hey who am I to call you out. But if you juss didnt show thats pretty weak. Anyway I was counting on people to round out my teams for Family Feud. Luckily I had some alternate who were down. Bri and Lei would fill some spots and Lei was excited, Bri was kinda bein weird but we have old issues so I kinda expect it from her for whatever reason. But she was down when it came down to it and Lei wanted to play the whole game so it worked out. Mary who was a for sure lock for the final somehow went out first round? Didnt see that one coming at all, and the plan to give her $500 was thrown off quickly LOL. BJ Crystal Nana My Mom n Dad killed it the whole way through, sweeping a few boards and stealing a board or 2 when they needed em. I surely thought I was going to be out $500 cuz they were on it. When it came to fast money time Bj and my Dad went for the cash. If it were my call I would have subbed in a girl, nana woulda been my pick she is the oldest and likely can give you the balance needed to get that last 200 points. My dad started it off and laid down a whoppin 21 points..... I felt pretty secure about my money at that point but BJ could still sweep with all #1 answers and make it to 200points so I wasnt outta the woods. He laid down a respectable 93 points I think? None the less they fell short and my cash came back home with me. I had a good time and everyone said it was alot of fun so good times were had and it only cost me a bunch of time to setup the boards and all that stuff. I think Ima do that everyear for my gift to the family. Im thinking for new years doing bonkos which we usually play anyway and just dropping extra cash on top cuz that games pretty fun and everyone makes money, or like a lets make a deal old school version and let people trade up prizes for mystery prizes. Who knows but something fun. Good times. Alicia foolishly left tamales at home so Im about to knock off 4 of them and sit around bored since the world shuts down xmas day apparently :( work tomorrow and back on the city tip. Jyeah.

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