Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who does this type of stuff?

You aint gotta believe it but its all facts. I decide to drop my escape off at FFTEC and leave it overnight in the parking lot so that when I bring my Evo the next day I can drive the escape back home, slightly shady being that the escape is missin a window but whatever. Im circling this block for what seems like ever and find an addy thats close to FFTEC but I see no signage no kick ass cars anywhere juss blacked out windows.. so Im like wtf did I have a wrong addy? Mind you were 2 cars deep Alicia in hers and me in the escape planning to leave it. I am on my phone trying to GPS when another random car rolls up, its midnight btw and Im like wtf what other sketchy person is here LOL. Dude stares at us for a hot minute and Im like cool maybe he can tell me the addy. He opens his door finally and I say excuse me do you know where xxxx heyman st. is? He replies "for what?" and Im like wtf this guys a dick. Im like uhhh I need to drop a car off there? He replies what kind of car? At this point Im like wtf man this guys a cunt and either can help me or fuck himself. I say its an evo, and he says ok your here... Im like ummmmm what? Turns out its Sean the owner of FFTEC and all knowing guru. They got broken into last night and he was driving by to check on the building LOL. Its more than likely he was 2 seconds away from shooting me at midnight in front of his shop, but after a quick convo and tour of the shop he sent me to get my evo right then.... Yeah at 130am hahahahahaha. Who drops off a car at nearly 2am? I head home and bring back my doll of a car who is dwarfed by the 9sec FFTEC drag evo, and roughly a million bucks worth of sick ass evo's, porsches and BMW's they had inside. We talk the benefits of E85 and devise a plan before I sucker him into driving my car and hearing the grossness noises she has been making. He mentions its a loose motor mount, and I hope he is spot on, but tranny comes out tomorrow and your boy is snagging some 1200cc injectors and a monster fuel pump and this evo will be sippin the corn syrup from here on out if all goes well. Sean suggested tuning her to 91 first, but was open to going straight to e85 so thats where Im leaning. 9 sec evo pic up top in case you think im BSing. Nuts.

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