Thursday, January 23, 2014


Validation means different things to different people and for me today it didnt really have a meaning as much as it was a physical showing. I loaded my W2 from RMC which I've been eager to see and I wasnt too shocked at the dollar amount which I wont disclose cuz I dont want anybody thinkin im trying to showoff or whatever cuz thats totally not the case but I was thrilled at what my base pay was versus what I generated through extra hours and overtime shifts. For comparison and fictitious numbers lets say over a year I was supposed to make approx $600 for my work. Playing the percentage game I took home $1500 give or take a few bucks so basically more than double what I should have made. In the course of working it I honestly dont even notice it you just get in a routine and make it happen and enjoy yourself when not at work and it goes fairly smooth sure sometimes I get "over it" but all in all I wouldnt change a thing. And then on top of that my city job is factored in as well. So to stop rambling and dragging this out it didnt really have a point I was just proud of myself for beasting so many hours and it was a trip to see it on paper. Moving right along. OAKLAND SUPERCROSS is 24 hours away. Thats that shit if you aint been knowing. Jason Silva will be my tour guide, Misty Castro will have some food for me, drinks will be poured and a stellar time will be had by all. Very excited. Might buy a bike when its all said and done. Braaaaaaap make that SX debut, skip the local and regional scene and leapfrog the arenacross steo just straight to the big show LOL. Cant wait. What else umm political rant of the week... If you aint watching the Michoacan Mexico situation you should get educated. Basically dudes going militia status to take back their towns and im supportive of that for sure. The mexican government cant seem to get away from the corruption and cant keep the people safe and dudes are fed up. Toast to them for doing what they need to do- rather to die with my head up then to live with my head down! Jay Z need to call Obama and we oughta send a squad of troops to take down some cartel heads and civilize the shit down there. That shits funneling right here to the USA and the money trail is likely too lucrative for us to shut it all down, but we can definitely clean it up and make it a respectful trade again. Yes I just said that.

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