Sunday, January 26, 2014


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Most of you knuckleheads wont put 2 and 2 together but someone will and thats fine by me. Now lets get to it todays happenings are a recount of last nights shindig and yesterdays partay. Met up with the road dogs matty and rach and headed out to Oakland SX to be bro status for a day. Matt was right at home in his element, so he was chillin with no worries. I was showing off my chef skills and convincing Misty that I didnt buy all the food I brought, she may or may not believe it but shit that food was bomb. Few beverages down the hatch and headed in to scope out qualifying rounds and they did not let me down :) Something about watching the noobs to SX get worked warms my soul. Few good crashes and then Oakland PD cam and ruined my fun, took a mob back out to the bbq area and shot the shit there before heading back inside to watch the night show. Jason Silva was on his best behavior as always so the only true entertainment was def JS7 and the lines he was creating mid race. But as always Poto grabbed the holeshot and never looked back. 20 laps of uncontested winning and he is again the points leader. Guy is a machine and although he aint my favorite he def gets the job done. Saw Fire. Saw alot of fake boobs and moto girl spray tans. Saw lifted trucks and trucks with 54 6x9's in the doors, yeah Id say it was a good day. Next SX round is SD in 2 saturdays, see ya there boys.

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This is about 1/8 fourth of the people and story hahahahahahah