Monday, January 20, 2014

Las Vegas Salt Crew Mission

Just killing time in the terminal at Mc Carran waiting to hit this flight back to the bay ;) in true nick fashion I touch down and head straight to work to get this OT money thanks to MLK day being today :) should pull down some good cash and get some work done since emergency only surgeries are being held. Vegas was a blast met a millionaire from Montana named Roger and dude was stoked on our crew and went crazy at Vanity to show us all a good time. VIP and bottles is new to me but I see how people get sucked Into that nightlife for sure. If you don't pay for that shit or just have money to burn it's a good time for sure. Notables from the weekend were seeing every pornstar on the planet for the AVN awards and mastic ally every plastic surgeon to boot. So funny watching the red carpet walks of some of these chicks but all in all a good time and I never judge anybody. Git it girls! Hung out wit the homie Carla and she always makes my Vegas trips financially possible because between her place and her car I never have to drop coin on anything expensive and that money rolls I to gambling lol. 49ers could get the win or beat the spread so I made a handsome $100 on that bet, sorry ppl I know it stings to take the loss but the 49ers were a  last ditch effort team and that's fine but as the playoffs are designed the best teams ride to the top.  Seahawks for the win and the overall. Played a few games here and there smashed some blackjack and made some cash there all in all a good weekend. Let's get back on this grind now suckas! Wheels up in 20, work in 2hours. Grind time bang bang bang!

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