Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 camps is done!

After 10 weeks of camps it's all finished for summer 2015 and as always im glad to wrap it all up but I will definitely miss getting to meet and hang out with a new crop of kids every week. From the stories they tell to the bad knock knock jokes and just seeing what they are about and interested in at such young ages is always a fun time. Did a good bit of talking with the kids and hopefully helping to shape them into awesome people for the future and as they go back to school the teachers they work with daily will continue that and the kids will keep learning and aspiring if all goes correct. Shoutout to all my little groms from not just this year but every year and cheers to you guys for making my "job" that much better. I always tell people that the city work doesn't pay the bills by any means but it's definitely my way of giving back to my community so until 2016 starts up you kids have a blast and enjoy school and learn!!!!

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