Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Straight Outta Where?

Watchin' Straight Outta Compton with Nate on the most bootleg copy ever. Screen so fuzzy I feel like I might be drunk lol Started the great BMX comeback this week which means basically I will be riding my race bikes for a week or so to get worked at Reno and then retire them until Vegas in January :) Wish I had the time or the schedule to be able to put more effort into that riding again and be quick at the track but just not in the cards right now. All that being said 31-35 cruiser should be fun, hoping the other guys are just as slow as I am LOL. Did bike party last Friday and it was a blast, 21 miles of pedaling and just listenin to random tunes and people watching. Wish that was a bi weekly thing cuz I really do enjoy them. Something about just zoning out and pedaling with nowhere to go and no time to be there. Even though Target scammed me for a $27 hoodie it was all good. Scooter contest Im planning is coming along well and flier should be done soon hopefully. Throwback photo-

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