Friday, August 28, 2015

Paying it forward...

First of all this is NEVER to toot my own horn or ego stroke or any of that bullshit by any means. Its just my observation and my thoughts on stuff. Being thankful is for some a moment, or a fleeting thought, or a single gesture. For me its a mindset. Ive been fortunate enough to literally be given more than I could imagine from and through BMX. I am so thankful for the situations and opportunities provided to me that its my mental obligation to not just give back to make sure that I give back and push forward so that a future generation of kids get the same opportunities. Somebody asked me this evening what I was doing and I explained to them that I was ordering up a few bikes for some camp kids that I knew. I wasnt paying for them the parents were but I was helping out by passing along a discount and making it possible. Sure I dont "have to" but in all seriousness I definitely HAVE TO. If it takes 20-30min of my time to research bike sizes and what not, and I have to email a bit with the parents its all irrelevant because I owe it to the future. Someone did things for me at one time and I will definitely leave my mark going forward for the kids behind me. I could only imagine if I were to win the lottery or something what kind of crazy things I would do for the kids coming up. Im setting up a little scooter comp right now for my local kids at my city job and Im super stoked on doing custom acrylic awards for them. I know for me its memories, friendships, and lots of stuff that you take away from these golden years and a dope trophy thats a one off is always a cool thing to have around to start a conversation and spark hopefully the next wave of someone paying stuff forward. So for those who wonder why I work my city job and why I still do the random things like that when I clearly dont have the time hopefully you see why. It isn't for my benefit but its simply something I owe for the people who did it for me, now imagine if everyone did that kind of thing in some sense. As the world gets crazier and crazier we all should help the next generation and raise them up right. #payitforward

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