Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Just figured out that Im 95% going to hit up the Reno race in a few weeks. BMX cancer  still has me infected and the draw of a miserable 3 day race in the armpit known as Reno is just too much fun to not attend LOL. After getting murked on my 20" at Vegas I figure I'll ride the vagina bike the 24" one and see if im even remotely close on that bike. Ordered some new shit from the homies at S&M to get my bike back together after it sat outside for a solid year if not longer lol, need some pedals still too and I think Im good to go after that hehe. Work life has been eventful, from calling out people for talking shit to trying to see what the short term future holds its all a bunch of fun these days. LCRSP BBQ on Friday courtesy of the parks department should be chill and see some faces I dont normally get to see. Excited about work being slowed down finally and now I have the chance to pick and choose what stuff I want to work on which is way better than just taking all things thrown my way, definitely not complaining though! Pictures of my rejuvenated bike coming soon, where is the damn UPS man?!

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