Monday, November 28, 2016

Rhianna said work work work!

Self timer shot today from the track getting my small lake drained out. Put in a fair amount of time addressing the holes in turn 1 finally and trying to think of what to do with the lack luster pro section at the track. I think I am going to fill in the first jump and make it a long table over the break when we close for 2 weeks. The section is getting overgrown currently and its mainly due to the lack of traffic through there. Its not a hard section when you sprint at it from turn 1 but from a full first straight I only know of 1-2 people that can do it and they damn sure arent doing it lap after lap. I think if I make it easier in a sense it will fix a few issues. Right now its not much faster or faster at all from what Ive seen. Fill in the first jump and I think it can be tap manualed and pedaled right through and would make the "big" jump easier to attack and not be such a send it jump. More guys going that route would be more reason to keep it maintained because at this rate I could care less and let it grow over. Have a couple other things up my sleeve for 2017 at the track but they will have to stay under wraps for now. Paving turn 1 is still at the top of the list and will happen I can guarantee it. Get your money ready kids cuz the gofundme heart strings will be pulled and tugged on as hard as possible so you will come up off that money you worked so hard for LOL. Alright time to house search a little bit before bed. 

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