Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back home already?

Haha so yeah Im back home for a day or so which isnt a bad thing really just had a alight change of plans because some family stuff came up and had to come do the moral support thing. Coming back wasnt in my cards and the hardest part was really telling myself that Im going to hop in the car with my sister for another 12 hour drive LOL. The drive wasnt fun at all usually when I anticipate it, it's chill but this trip wasnt planned and it sucked haha. Anyway Im heading back to AZ then back on track tomorrow night or early Thursday just gotta get it worked out. AZ was fun while it lasted I hooked up with Jeremy my old but pretty much current pastor and we hung out everyday I think. Super chill his kids Ive watched grow up from infants to the lil people they are now. Awesome to say the least. Haha Jeremy and Lea Anna are seriously some of the best people I've come to know in life and Im psyked that we have as good as a relationship as we do. Talked to Eli and gonna meet up with him on Friday to help him move into a bachelor pad should be chill. Tattoo over the weekend and speaking of that Daniel got his done which Im psyked for I think I motivated him to finally get it hehe :) Updates soon~Nick Deeeeezy

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