Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Shit!

So I slacked last week because Ive been kinda busy kinda not whatever but rather late then never right? Ok so a few people asked me about my new bike because this year Im not ridin for Psykopath Im rolling with BMX HEX a vendor out of Bakersfield that has been really good to me and I needed something fresh anyway. So while Ive been hurt I made it a point to fix up my whip because my shits been a piece of crap for as long as I can remember so below is a pic of it and youll see it in all its White White White glory.

And the next lovely pic is a pic of something I always wanted but never got around to getting so my GF manned up and snagged it for me after I whined for who knows how long about getting one. Her names Bailey shes 2 months and shes a little snot to say the least! I enjoy her though and Im psyked and cant wait till she gets bigger and learns that blankets and carpets are for chillin not shitting on. Haha. Everything with me has been chill my moms still in hawaii and Im just hangin out waiting to leave to Az and Texas which should be fun. Etnies Gorunded is the best DVD ever and if you havent seen it pick it up ASAP because that means your even farther behind than I am and that aint good. Talked to a few people about makin my frames so thats kinda rolling forward its lookin like Im going to go Taiwan but Im still hoping to keep it stateside if I can. Anyone has any ideas of how so hit ya boy up! Enjoy life because the shit isnt promised forever. Keep it movin forward and enjoy the haters because they keep you relevant.

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Esther said...

she is sooooo cute!!! :]

oh and your bike looks good.