Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hell Yeah!


Yep. Enjoy the music from the bay this shits like 2-3 years old but still does the trick for me.
Anyway whats good? Ive been chillin same ol stuff. This puppy is beyond control lol, she just shit's everywhere haha. Ill be gone for 2 weeks or so so hopefully my mom can make a miracle happen and get her trained a lil better. A guy can hope right? My lil race crew consisting of my sisters kids is racing the PHX race this weekend- 12 hour drive to PHX and I hope they have alot of fun. My sister wants to camp the weekend but I think shes trippin haha we'll see should be good either way. Haha but camping after driving 12hours doesnt sound enjoyable LOL. Thats about all thats up with me. Track tonight to watch some people go fast, and Im feeling good knee wise shouldnt be toooooo much longer :)

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