Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stars Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

So finally after whats like 10 years of wanting 6 stars on my sides I finally got em done. The bad part is 7 is the perfect number so sometime in the future I have one to go. They fuckin burned as shit to get done. Steve pictured here was cool as shit and it was chill to talk BMX the whole time. He's an east coast kinda guy (indiana) so he had some stories from that side of the scene. Shit was chill, hella hurt n burned and it was funny because it hurt so much and if you know me you know that I laugh when things hurt so much. Anyway pics below enjoy looking at me and if your in Tucson stop by and see Steve and have him hit you up. Hes legit as they come and supporting BMX'ers is always the way to go. Give em a call tell em Nick sent ya and maybe hell go lighter than he did on me JK hes the shit! 520-620-0144 Maggie Mays Tucson Tattoo- Steve

PS. Haha for those of you that watch Rob n Big you know the last episode with the "dirty thirty" tat that Rob wanted to put on Drama's head? Haha it was on the wall at Maggie Mays and I had to take a pic because people wouldnt believe the story if I said it was there and didnt deliver the proof. Later mayn.

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