Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yessur slap those tracks cuz itll make ya feel good :)

Finally its Thursday! Takin off to AZ and Texas today which is a good thing. Tryin to sleep the day away because ima drive all night and Ill have kids with me and you gotta stay coo when your driving. If you know me you know I take driving really serious because Ive driven like a zillion miles cross country and all it takes is 1 mistake and your shit is ended. Ive had some close calls and whenever possible Ill drive as much as I can because it's not that I dont trust people but I would rather take blame myself than have something happen out of my hands. Anyway enough of the BS haha. My knee is doing really good the doctor said 5-6months but I gotta be honest its feeling really good lately Id say 65%? I have ridden my road bike a bit, and when I get back from this trip I start therapy and thats when Ill know how good it really is. They really focus on alot of quad building stuff which is cool because I need a left quad pretty bad lol its mushy compared to my right leg :) Terri, Robs wife said at the track the other night that its going to suck when I start riding because everyone will be pulling me for a long time until I get strong again. Before I can even argue that statement Rob was like your trippin, he will pull all the same people right now Id bet. Now Rob aint exactly the smartest guy on the planet but he aint stupid thats for sure. I tend to think alot of stuff in life is mental and coming back is going to be more mental than anything. Ill be good :) Couple of cats turned Pro out of 19-27X last week Justin Dodson, and Cody Hungerford. Ive consistantly beat both of them for awhile now and they made their debut mains, so thats good to see. Kyle, my friend from SJ said hes gonna turn in Tulare which I hope he does because he doesnt race enough Am events to do well in the Am stuff. Ima play it by ear and see whats up when I come back but gonna turn when I get healthy again Im sure. Bailey the monster dog has been drivin me crazy Ima post a random pic of her and thats it. Ill update from AZ because Ill have internet there :) Wish me safe travels suckas.

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