Monday, April 28, 2008

18 and over...

FUCK. I am fuckin frustrated as a mutherfucker right now and I am so fucking annoyed it not even remotely funny. I am trying to find the info online to finish fixing my Blazer and I cant find a fucking thing. Super stressed out right now and I need a vacation BADLY. Supposed to go to Tulare for a race this weekend as long as I get this whore of a fucking vehicle fixed, but even if I dont Im still going anyway Ill just catch a ride with someone.

Anyway im seriously juiced about yesterday chilled with Nor Cal's finest both past, present, and on the come up. Oscar, Hugo, Crowbar * Ill get into him in a sec, Nyquist, Old School Joe, Beerman, Cam Birdwell, Fuckin who's who of Nor Cal and a chill day. Did I forget Squirrel? My bad he was in the house and BBQ'd for us thaks mayn.

Anyway- Oscar had me sign a beam in his garage whic was kinda cool, like a right of passage as their was some serious names up there. " Oscar, Thanks for all the love Nor Cal 4 Life Nick Dawg. " will hang on that beam for years to come and I look forward to seeing it a bit more because I never get out to his place enough... Nyquist signed to the left of me and I told him after he left I was going to change my scribbles to "Nyquist aint shit" Haha. Anyway Cam Birdwell is on some other shit still and thats all good in my book. I look forward to him shaking up the message boards and the current state of BMX in general i the coming months. Stay out of trouble Cam your the man and we need you around healthy!

Crowbar- My guy! So if you dont know his story Ill lik something in a second but basically he was involved i a shitty motorcycle accident, got ran off the road by some cunt and left for dead. Not Crowbar though God had a plan for him and he's doing some different shit in his life but doing damn good for himself. I give him shit for driving Mercedes but thats how they do it when your a Hollywood star LOL. Love you Kurt keep riding and showing people that just because at one point in life your down, doesnt mean that your out.

As soon as I get the group pic from yesterday Ill get that beezy posted too. Sharks are down 0-2 which blows as well. Im trying to see a big SJ Party for the Stanley Cup

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