Monday, April 14, 2008


Haha, yeah I been slcking a bit on updating this bad boy and keepin it up on point. But here goes some more random info :) Ive been riding the local track practice the last few sessions in my normal street shoes and on my clipless pedals. I feel REALLY good. The only time I notice my knee is when I sit down all the way because my seats really low on my race bike so it sint comfortable. But anyway- my knee feels really good. I am riding the first straight really fast and jumping stuff so like I dont know how long I should wait anymore? The surgeon said anywhere from 6-18 months and she said since I was in therapy and my quads are strong that I should be healed fairly quickly but its only been like 2 months since my surgery... I see her the 17th and Im sure shes gonna send me to therapy and Ill prolly get the same crew as last time which is good. They will tell me more and let me know how everything is looking as far as their knowledge. Its really kinda weird though and I thought I wouldnt even have to consider riding for another 2-3 months but it seriously feels fine... What do I do? Umm not much else going on Steve who owns Bandit Racing got his whole trailer robbed which really sucks. He is the guy that brings a trailer full of bmx goodies to the local track. He's always helped me big time in the parts dept. and supports alot of the local kids, so seeing him get robbed isnt cool at all. Hopefully Karma kicks the ass of whomever was involved. Sea Otter Classic is next weekend and Im kinda itching to ride but I prolly wont, the thing that sucks is Ill be healthy by December and if I want to go to Xmas Classic in Ohio I need to have 6 state races in, and sea otter would be 2 so its kinda a weird situation. Well see either way Im going and gobnna camp it n chill. Aighty thats it for now Bailey has gotten huge and pics to follow I promise :) Late

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