Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So if you aint into your own roots and where the f*** NOR CAL really came from and some of the OG dudes that have laid the groundwork for all that is NOR*CAL pride. Here's a picture of a cool numberplate thats gettin charity auctioned off somewhere. Bob Haro rounded up 30 artists and had them do some retro numberplates and Norman Chuck out of Nor Cal dropped this one. If you have no idea of who Vanderspek was or the entire Curb Dogs history get yourself a cup of juice and google the words curb dogs and read up. Im not too sure that many of the OG guys see my blog but if they do enjoy this pic if you havent already seen it and know that what you've contributed is very much appreciated.

"To know where your going, you should probably have some kind of idea where you came from."

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