Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yay Area!

So Im back home now after the Texas USAC race and hangin in AZ. Texas was good hung out with Carol Mac Laskey and she was an awesome host. Thanks again for everything Carol and cant wait to show you a good time in my neck of the woods sometime! While at the USAC race I finally got to meet Dave Wray- Lemme clue you in, This cat Dave is riding his 20" bike across the country and from what I know he's the first person to get it done. He is making damn good processs and is in The Texas area right now which is a long haul from where he started- Monterey California. Yeah its fuckin CRAZY but one of the coolest things Ive ever seen go down. I fully plan on doing like a 7day stretch with him and clockin some time pedaling the 20" and camping it out for a bit. Maybe fly into an airport a week before a national and meet up with him and ride to the race- does that make sense? Lol like fly a few hundred miles away from the race and pedal the way there? Yeah like that. Anyway so I met him and was psyked on him even more dudes pretty rad and some people have hated on him and the trip and decisions but from what I've seen hes legit and Im gonna get some ridin done with him. He did pretty good in Vet too, didnt make mains but showed some skills. Anyway heres a pic and Ill update with my airport story later this week :)

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carolmaclaskey said...

I will definitely make it out your way one day and I WILL let you entertain me, as if you don't do enough of that already! Thanks for all the laughs and smiles and your welcome here with me anytime!

Much love to you Nick!