Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uh Huh...

So I dont have a pic for this but if you were there or ask you may get some proof. So Tony Hawk carved this big vert wall at the new park pretty damn high awhile back and slapped a sticker up on it. This isnt a normal wall and I will get a pic for clarity soon, anyway, so lets say if* I had the chance to ride it some time I would definitely make it a point to gun for that mark if not higher. If* I got that high it would be a good iono 15-25feet tall? Anyway a photo will rise someday and until then it shall go down as an unproven rumor... But in Tony's defense it's gotta be hard to carve that high with 35billion dollars in your pockets from 17versions of your own video game. :) Its all love guys... Psyked. Check the wall below and Im calling out my head over the low side of the top someday, yeah I just called it out- fuggem.

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