Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dont call it a comeback!

Got home yesterday after being in AZ/NM for a good 2 weeks. Had a good time there, didnt get to ride as much as I would have liked but the tracks operate on a weird schedule there so nothing I could have done. Anyway I race at New Mexico and had a decent weekend but it was really frustrating. I was in total point with 2 older guys in 26-30 cruiser and Im only 23 so I was out of class which isnt too bad. Anyway one of the guys was good and the other was a beast. The guy was like 6foot tall and had tons of power, the track was simple and a power rider had the advantage all day long. I holeshotted every race but in the last turn every time I would get high-low passed and get beat right at the line. Chalked up 2nd both days and felt pretty good, I rode without my kneebarce the majority of the time which is a bad idea but I wont get into the habit of it just did it for whatever reason. Knee felt great, legs could use more power like always, and I suspect something isnt good with my turns but Im not sure. Puked after EVERY lap which fuckin sucks and I feel soo shitty when I finish a lap its ridiculous. Anyway Prunedale is coming up in a few weeks and Id like to get in shape and make a main and try and win that race of course. Well see..... Videos of the 2 main events below-


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