Monday, May 5, 2008

Its Official...

So the new Cunningham Park opened this last weekend while I was in Tulare watching my nephes and niece get their pull on. From what Ive heard it is all it's cracked up to be and then some and I even got a group pic below with some legendary mugs in there. I missed it hangin with the family but Im hopeful that their will be MANY sessions to come in the future. I figure this park will be the 3rd installment of what I consider the staple parks. Go ahead and count in cali dirt as well because thats a staple as well. But SJRC, Vans, and now Cunningham are going to be the place to be for the time being. Ive walked the park but Ive yet to set my tires there, and Im excited to say the least. $50 is cheap for a year pass so Ill be jumping on that and hopefully alot of BMX'ers do and the city notices it because lets face it money does help motivating factors and a few more or just longe rsessions would be welcomed. Im going there tomorrow not sure who's gonna be out there but Im guessing Ill find a familiar face or two. Gonna try to keep it tame and not get excited and wreck my knee, but Ill be very real with you Ive been wondering how high I can air still and see what Ive got to relearn... Anyway look forward to seeing alot of you cats out there all summer and Ive already heard rumors of a contest in the works, so that could be very cool if we got it worked out. Enjoy the pic of the first session there and Ill be photoshopping myself in at some later time.

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