Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vegas Again.

Kinda funny I didnt go to Vegas for like 6months or something and then latley Ive been a resident for a month or so haha. Good times at tahiti thanks to Steph who always hooks me up and keeps it crazy cheap. Checking in we got this little coupon book that had this $20 match play and sure enough I used it and turned a profit through some royal flush action while listening to some drunk chick rant and rave about being 100,000% Pure Mexican, getting divorced, and how her friends sucked all the while knocking back Jager bombs like they were ice water. Crazy. Think I didnt get a whole stack of those books? haha shit was dialed I was gettin 2 for 1 how could I stop playin? Anyway had a good time and left on the plus side of the financial deal so that was good. Did way too much walking over the weekend and all in all it was a good time. Even made $15 bucks on one of those really big corny slot machines while walking out of Excalibur I believe? Good times. What else is new 26th Bday coming up woot woot. No plans just chill low key you know how I do, Racing alot with New Mexico this weekend, then Roseville, Then North Carolina. Hoping to get crazy fats overnight haha worlds is under 75days away booking flight this week waiting on some people to pay me back but thats a whole other blog post haha.

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Adrienne said...

It was New York New York :) Good times!!