Wednesday, May 12, 2010

South Africa lets dip!

Should be booking my flight as early as today if it all works out as planned. I might even have found a flight for $1450.00 rather than the $2,000 + that most people have booked already so I guess my patience has paid off? Ironically I emailed Mike King at USA Cycling today and he told me that all petition riders will be notified starting next Monday, would have been the perfect time for him to tell me Nick dont sweat it youll be chosen for sure but he didn't... Odd. Im worried? Maybe? Haha Anyway waitin on a new fresh back wheel to show up before worlds and should be dropping off my 24" wheel to get fixed and trued up all nice sometime soon, Havent ridden cruiser since last years worlds but get a race in before heading to SA to try my hand on the big bike again. Hoping to get a new supercross envy 24 built up but havent heard from Bill on availability yet :(... Thats all for now headin to work and grabbin food!

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