Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fired? Help MDA Kids!!!

Haha so I got sent home from work today for telling this co-worker today that if she shows up after 2:15 when Im off at 2:30 that she needs to do her own "muthafuckin" dishes. haha apparently you cant use that tone to people. She cried like a baby and I got sent home but I feel pretty good about the situation. Anyway lets get some good stuff done. Carla my girl in Vegas who has helped me in about 55 ways more than she has ever needed to is raisin money to send 2 of her friends kids to MDA Summer Camp. Im not generally into donatin cash to these types of org's but she assured me this cash will go driectly to those 2 kids and she co-signed it and said it all good. So everyone has a few bucks layin around that they can spare. The goal is $1600.00 and we as a collective group can all donate even a buck and get it done together. Please support her as she supports many a people. Check the link below and get that credit card out :) Gracias and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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