Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wisdom Tooth Out!

Had a problematic wisdom tooth pulled today and it was weird. My dentist is an older lady who is a trip by herself let alone when she is inside my mouth. I show up and she is in the middle of pulling 4 for a friend of mine named Sydney and she says dont worry yours will be fast Ill get you done real quick. Haha it sounded good. She hits me with a few shots and numbs my mouth and starts gettin after it. Calls an assistant, who calls a male assistant who calls my dentists husband in and now I have 3 people who are seriously shaking trying to get this tooth out. I feel no pain except my lip which feels like it tore open from 6 fingers in my mouth and they switched spots 2-3 times and finally after about 15 minutes they broke the crown of it but got a handle on the inside enough to get it moving around and popped it out. Check the pic its crazy how big a wisdom tooth is when only a little bitty part even shows at the back of your mouth. Shit was nuts. Got a call from my soon to be Ex boss dannette and she said she needed to inform me that my employment was "under review" haha fuck outta here lady draw up my last check and lets cut the crap :) Ridin tonight if I catch a ride and life is good Im just down yet another tooth haha. Fugg it.

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