Sunday, May 30, 2010

Albuquerque New Mex...

Weak man. 22 riders in class at this race pretty stacked with all the heavy hitters there. I mustered up a whopping 5th in the semi on Saturday and a spectacular 6th in the semi on Sunday. Apparently Im just on the gas lately LOL. Not too bummed though fuck it it happens. Hung with the boys and talked some shit the quote of the weekend was definitely a man who will go nameless but young little Austin Hiatt says "do they have Jr Development classes in Europe" Comedian replies with "yeah but not the kind of ones the USA kids have with orgy's and stuff" Hahahaha the joke went on for a few minutes but I dont care who you are that shit was hilarious and so glad I was there to die laughin about it. Danny C said he reads the blog so welcome to the gutter Danny. Haha good times.

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