Sunday, July 3, 2011

RIP Brandon Barnes, Ricky Castro Diggers, and Trails.

Definitely not psyked to relay this information and was very bummed when I first heard but who knows maybe we can all learn from things. Brandon Barnes a Fresno local passed away last week just days after winning the intermediate class at the contest I announced. I vividly recall him riding well, and me joking about how it must have been difficult to match your shirts and shoelaces so well when riding so smooth. A few days after he was riding a motorized scooter across town to a friends house and was hit by a car accidentaly, and after some information was revealed the driver was unfortunately texting. Now if you know me you know Im likely more guilty of texting while driving than anyone on the planet. The only time I dont do it is when I have someones kids in the car with me, because I feel it's a respect thing. Well I dont think Ive ever considered it, but it's not just the people in your car that you should worry about protecting but in this case anyone can be effected by your decisions. Chalk me up as someone who took this situation to heart and remind me if you see me textin and drivin how stupid Im being. Ill try my best but can always use friendly reminders. Brandon Barnes on that Saturday you started to me as a simple name on a list of riders, but you transcended from a simple name to a kid I vividly recall. I've read alot of people thoughts about you and I can tell you'll be missed by family friends and the entire BMX scene there in Fresno. From myself and Im sure others share my feelings, respect from one rider to another and may you rest in peace buddy. Life is precious people and tomorrow is never promised. Brandons funeral was today and tomorrow I'll lay a skid down for him, I suggest everyone do the same.

Ricky Castro. When your mom texted me and said you crashed, I think I chuckled at first and hoped you got a pedal bite on your shin so i could heckle you about it later. I had no idea you actually took a serious digger. Now some would say that you crashing is karma from the BMX gods for you costing me some large sum of money back in New Mexico a few months ago, but I would NEVER say that or suggest it in a round about way. *Cough* But anyway back to me pretending to feel bad for your misfortune... LOL Smooches they call you huh? Well you may wanna leave the concrete Smooch free next time you come shred LCRSP, and doesnt your mom frequent the blog? Didnt she read my literature about how stupid we are for riding the helmets that do absolutely nothing for our pretty faces? I blogged that like 72 hours ago! Next time you come to shred I better see full face in tow or your gettin a talking to buddy. Get well soon and thank your mom for the TMZ Photo Leak...
Rode Post Office today and learned that Endo will never win a dirt comp. Ever. Lil Justin showed him the hot line but he was too spooked to hit any jumps. Maybe Calabasas will host the Dew Cup, but until then... pffffft
I bailed once on a nasty nose dive gone way wrong but lived to tell about it. Pics dont do justice but this is current post office, steep and deep.

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