Monday, August 15, 2011

Trails and More Trails!!!

Gotta love being so sore after an all day session you can hardly walk. Went out to SS and Post Office with Kevin and Kumar yesterday and shredded with those guys. Kevin was just gettin his feet wet ridin dirt but he got through a few jumps and his style will improve and get better if he sticks wit it. Endo had to redeem himself after being a huge vagina the first time we rode a few weeks ago. He got through the main line at the office and was sketchin all over the place but I definitely think he got it 3 times in a row once or twice so Ill call it dialed... Not dialed but dialed enough LOL. I was psyked to get through pretty comfortably after a zillion runs and eyed up a 360 on the 4th set, Id seen Nyquist fire it out at will so I knew it was definitely possible. After staring it down I fired it out and finished the line easily. Stoked cuz that puppy is a good sized mid rhythm jump. Got taken out on a 360-hip turndown later in the evening but fun was had by all. Took Endo and Kevin to the Greg Watts gap, and they didnt think it was too possible either. But that being considered, im doing it soon. Each time I go there I see it more and more as a doable gap. Pics dont do it justice at all and you have to see it to appreciate it, but I could only get 1 to load and here it is, if the other one ever loads Ill post it too. Boom!

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