Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nathan Mellone...

Some comments dont deserve to never be seen and this one definitely fits into that category. Nathan Mellone must be the wise guy behind it but I give him all due credit. I rarely laugh hysterically out loud while reading something but this one has me all smiles. Nate if you ever translate comedy into speed you will be a force to reckon with. Until then, thanks for clearing out turns for me. Ladies and gents enjoy Nates open letter to me concerning my perforrmance at the worlds. Classic.

Dear Nick,

Against my better judgement I am going to give you the secret to success. Everyone knows that you're a no good trophy chasing sleeper. Weekend after weekend you slum it in the back of the pack barely skating by so you can blow your wad on the last lap in an effort to get a "big trophy". Newsflash!!! You're no longer 5 and those fuckers just collect dust. Come to think of it you probably keep them nice and shiny because you're so proud of them. You are the only person I know with 500 wins and you're still sitting national #50. That is pretty talented if you think about it. You might want to pick up hooked on phonics math and figue out where all those missing numbers are that will put you in the top 10.

Getting to my point... The key is train like you race. When you go to a world championship race chances are you are going to have to actually try every moto. I know its a hard concept to swallow but trust me its a fact. When you only "go hard" one moto after everyone else has been busting their ass all day and get your win you are shooting yourself in the foot. Moto 2 at the worlds and when you cross the line youve just busted your nut. Sitting there in the pits with shaking hands trying to sauce up with crystal light hoping that you have enough in you still to make it out of rounds and maybe further is no way to live.

Now im not saying that you need to go 150 percent moto one but its called pacing yourself. As the rounds go further and get faster you pick up the pace too.

What did we learn today? You're a lazy trophy chasing bum who tries to sneak his way to the next round but the "who actually put in effort police" always catch you.

Do work...

Enjoy Nates Last Stand..

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Anonymous said...

"Trophy chasing bum" that was funny maybe this person is mad cause they crashed themselves on class and cruiser over the same jump. I said it crashed themselves. Some riders need to learn how to ride in packs and pass when its appropriate.. not jump the gun and try to turn your back wheel into a continuation of the lip and then do a boner air and say you got in their way. Nor cal son