Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BMX Camp #3!!!

Burner days out at LCRSP this week. Early mornings and late nights and a steady diet of gatorade and donuts with cheez its sprinkled in to balance everything. 19 kids took the plunge and enrolled in the biggest BMX camp to date and Im admittedly happily overwhelmed. I Usually work with 5-10 kids and have a curriculum that is fool proof but these guys have beaten me at my game and we arent learning as much as usual, but the kids are having a blast and enjoying the last few weeks before school starts again. RC Ricky Castro even graced us with his presence and taught the step up gap who is boss, then he did it backwards for good measure. Props buddy. Next year Im doing camps very similar and Im very excited to see the turnout and see whats possible with a lil bit of marketing. Good times. Lake session on Friday and pizza with the kids and enjoy just a brief cam phone pic of our water balloon toss game which netted a few of the lucky winners some DVD's courtesy of Props Visual Ltd. Sunburnt and happy about it. Even did a whip up the step up today haha go figure.

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Good stuff!