Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fired? Ha.

Pic has nothin to do with blog post but visit the grand canyon if you are ever close. well worth it.

So I wasnt even gonna mention this because it was too long of a story but a few people were like how didnt you blog that? So here it is and this is a condensed version because I am taking the high road and not fussing back and forth about it. I trust I always win and even when it appears Im losing Im still winnin. Ya know? So I had BMX camp and killed it with 19 kids. 19 kids and 2 instructors when only 1 of the 2 is actually a BMX rider is a staffing issue. When a boss calls in 3 out of 5 days and then criticizes my staffing decisions and attempts to make my camp work at a 19:1 camper to instructor ratio. He is going to hear it from me. Which he did several times. I spoke with a few different people and wasnt getting enough support so I let it be known I was very unhappy about the situation and how it was handled. I still made camp a great week and pissed off a boss in the process, but a boss is getting a paycheck and a customer is paying for a service, so hate it or love it I am going to side with the customer 9 times outta 10. He didnt like what I had to say and it wasn't meant for him to like. Then I get a call a few days later from a co-worker who needs help mind you this is my day off, and I help her with her problem over the phone. Boss chimes into the phone conversation because he has now shown up, mid day of course... And asks who the co-worker is talking to on the phone, I say "tell that fag to do some work for once" I laugh it off and get back to my real job. Then I get a voicemail about how me using the term fag is a hate crime of sorts and said boss is going up the city ladder shopping for my ousting lol. Cant handle the heat huh? I apologize for my terminology used because that was out of line, but I chuckle at the fact that a week earlier when I was sending out emails and phone calls for assistance with 19 paying campers and how to serve them better I got no response, but this matter can be dealt with so swiftly. Ha. Im "unassigned" now which is a nice quiet way of being fired but lets be real if you live this shit you aint never off the clock. Trails tomorrow where Ill roost some doubles and should be able to go a lil bit higher since I wont have all that city money lining my pockets haha.

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lloyd ramsay said...

Maybe if you and I had no passion or sense of humor we could make good bosses. Tell that fag to go work behind a desk haha