Monday, December 24, 2012

Evo is done!

As Endo's dumb ass said "so if its done it's a wrap?" Haha stupid ass. Vinyl is 99.9% done, Im likely gonna rewrap the back trunk spoiler cuz the corners look like shit and I have lots of extra so may get around to that at some point. Installed the new front lip today and it went perfect, gonna get rid of some more fender liners at some point but after the lip was on it was lookin cherry. Gonna do a flat black rattle can day for the mirrors and door handles and might hit the front lip too because its slightly gloss black kinda sorta but it will be awhile as Im pretty lazy and Im actually gonna go back to work sometime in the future LOL. Got my Oakland SX tickets already thanks to santa/alicia and stoked on that shit, nothing better than panic throttle sounds in Oakland in January :) Vegas... I dropped a few hundred bucks at the Orleans so if anyone wants to swing by and locate it Id be really grateful. Fuck gambling hahahahaha Pic of the murdered out evo up top woot woot

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