Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Forget you rain!

Haha rain is coming so Im relocating! Heading to Vegas for a few days to soak up the desert sun, although its freezing there at night at least its sunny. Finished wrapping the evo finally, ordered a new front lip yesterday that arrives monday, installed my smoked rear marker lights today and that breezy is all done. Just have to install the lip to the bumper and then the bumper back on and that thing is all done. Until the next round of mods which is likely a FP Red turbo kit, looking to kick things up from 365- 450ish. Likely gonna do a few more things while its down but all in all gonna make it faster for sure :) Knee is feeling better almost daily but still not able to ride my road bike, once I get enough flexion to saddle that thing up Im sure Ill get it worked out in a hurry. I tried today but just a wee bit of pain at the high bend point so waiting a few more days, likely when I get back Ill be ready to get after it. Happy Holiday cupcakes and see everyone when I get back.

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