Sunday, December 9, 2012

Recovering! Ha

      Been couch surfing for a week now just trying to stay off my feet and get the knee all squared away. Its doing pretty good Id say with all the swelling pretty much gone and stitches will come out on the 14th at my followup appt. which Im sure will  go well. Should get fitted for the old donjoy brace as well and start a therapy schedule and get the quads built up :) Yay. The evo has been slowly evolving and getting flatter and flatter black each day. I am pretty stoked on the vinyl and enjoy doing it cuz its a challenge of sorts and its made my car go from mehhhh to beastly. Ordering a new front lip this week, or test fitting my veilside lip and seeing if I feel that one as much as I used to. Anyway should be done wrapping the car in the next few days which is good. Perfect picture of a sleeping Bailey and a teaser of the evo getting flatter. Enjoy the few pics and cant wait to get this knee back to status!

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