Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Lol Lets see what did this week have in store for me. hmmmmm Had my followup appt. with Dr. Farr and realized he is just as much of a douche as I remember. Dude told me he strung my new ACL pretty tight so that when it stretched and got situated it wouldnt be loose and sloppy, I thought that was a smart thing to do and then he asks me how the flexion is doing and stuff. I told him it was pretty stiff and wouldnt straighten out, he jumps down my ass about how I need to be working on it and this and that. All this after he told me not to do a damn thing for the first 2 weeks. Fuck off man I listened to you and now Im at fault? Fuck off. Got all my road bike parts I needed yesterday and putting in work on my own agenda cuz this fuckin guy is a kook. Wrapped 90% of the evo so only 1 more bumper to go and thats the easier of the 2, so thats going well. Jay retired from the car wrapping business but Ive been ramping it solo and its been working out decently. I dont know if I ever wanna do it again, but its been fun and my car looks MUCH better than before. Got the BF-it DVD and oh boy super good and learned a bit more about BF which is always good. S&M guys always send me mags with my orders and the newest Albion and Dig made for some good reads. Tons of trail footy and as always has me wondering why San Jose has no legit trails within our city limits or even 15-20miles, shits insane and we are pure lazy. Thats all for now, Vegas this week if anyone wants to roll hit me up for details, Im gonna drive it so could use another body to help with the trek there. Jyeah.

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