Monday, December 3, 2012

Freshy Stitches

Got the dressing off to air this puppy out and let it breathe. Kinda crazy that went I first had knee surgery ever is pretty much the reason I started my blog, kinda keep track and have photos and memories of it all. Fast forward a few years and things come full circle right back where I started just older and wiser, errrrr older anyway. All the port sites lookin good although only 2/3 shown limited range of movement but for the most part all is well kicked the vicodin after 2 days and tried the valium to sleep better but kinda didnt like the feeling it gave me when I woke up. So back on the recovery tip and feeling good. Stay tuned for more pics and whatnot. And eventually when Shawn Hott gets on my hype we are gonna shoot the evo, she is lookin pretty these days.

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