Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Damnit Sam!

When you get bent over and worked for $2k you dont have to call anyone uncle, you pretty much call them what you want. So YOU can choose to call him "Uncle Sam" but I will refer to him as "Crook" hahahaha. Cashed in a big ol bucket of PTO from work to cover the evo expenses which are mounting by the day LOL Cashed 160 hours which is 2x the limit at work but the HR girls feel bad for me so they hooked it up. Then "Crook" took his share as you can see and walaaa everyone is happy I guess. LOL I aint tripping I consider PTO to be money that I didnt earn so kinda nice to cash it out and get rid of some of the evo sting. Booked my flights for my vegas trip so getting excited for that and finding a shop to do the evo this week and think I have it handled so thats good. Just getting a few more things tied up and hoping to have it back in my hands when I get back from LV. New years gift to myself. Still need to setup a shady smog for it as well. Been slacking on that. Whatever life is good, I dont let money weight too heavily on me cuz I keep a good amount in reserves, and being broke for a few weeks has been nerving haha but the reserves are climbing. Fuck it. Stay Strong.

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Jonas said...

first world problems.