Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Hellaween

Thats right Hellaween is the new term since its Nor Cal and all :) Went to the first of many great parties to come at the nut house and had a good time. I didnt drink because rarely do I get loose and I had work the next day anyway but a good time was had anyway. The highlight of the night for me was when some broad who wasnt involved in an inside joke got butthurt about it? Haha speak when spoken to dumbass. Cam show was in full effect and he was wasted the whole time, then took a swim at like midnight and hit his second wind and his Cam show stride. Always a good time with him, Nyquist had a full lycra body suit on that was just random because his junk was here there and everywhere? Weirdo.  Squirrel looked like a trailer park version of Captain America with some MC Hammer pants in a USA print. Great time catching up with BMX greats. Sorry for the lack of photos but find em on FB. Great night. Evo is still in the build and gather parts stage, ordered the turbo kit this week and it should arrive in a few days or a week or whatever. Next up is a new oil cooler that Vince is building with me even though he doesnt know it yet :) Thanks Vince. Thats all for now been selling car parts left and right to offset the evo cost blehhhhhh- Nick

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