Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vegas? Sure!

Well what started as a brief little weekend trip to celebrate a friends life? Who does that? LOL Ended up as me taking a page out of the book I wrote a few years back when I was in and out of Vegas every week it seemed. Hung out with Carla and she reminded me that NFR finals were coming up in a few weeks and she was hiring bodies to do sales and labor. I planned on doing it last year but blew my knee out. I could definitely use the money to get the evo back on the road so ummmm why not? I have a fat southwest credit that I need to use by March. I can make about $800 to burn into the evo fund and its a somewhat vacation? Im confused and may regret it but its extra money so gotta keep telling myself that haha and fuck it go for the experience. Cowboy up! hahaha gonna be a mess. Saw a Cirque show while in Vegas and Blue Man Group. Cirque show was the biz, BMG was so so but ended really cool so Ill give it the nod. Had a good time although Im over driving haha too many miles and cant hang like I used to in my prime LOL. Evo is coming along still waiting on the turbo kit to arrive and most all the other items have trickled in. Everything murdered out is the plan and excited still. Ummmmmm thats all I guess? Wish I had more to report but almost did Hawaii again in january and still havent fully scrapped the idea. New Years in Vegas? Something going down haha

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