Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hundred M's

Woke up and started blogggggggggggggin! Figured I better get at these keys while I have a rare day off and set the tone for my week that should be quite interesting, in all honesty only 30minutes of it should really be interesting but whatever. Anyway so a few weeks back I applied for my management position at my city job as I always do when it comes up and every year I dont make the interview phase because of the way they word the qualifying process, but I do it for the sake of putting in the effort. I got approved to interview for it which was slightly surprising but not crazy out of this world shocker status, so that was cool. Booked a time and date and then started analyzing if anything has changed about my feelings of managing that place. See the actual job isnt anything too crazy and I wouldn't mind taking that position but the way its setup and the levels to get things done are just exact 180 from how I function. Ideally I would like to just be an assistant manager of sorts, make my own schedule and get a city credit card to get shit done in a much more timely manner and make some changes that would help things out. But alas that wont be coming to fruition so I shall interview for the main manager job and politely decline if offered the spot anyway, or accept it and tell them my hours will be later in the day going forward and then they would not be happy with that and decline me anyway. haha its a win/win situation because I basically cant give the city my commitment because the pay is not there and it's never truly about money but the management stuff weighs heavy and Im not too keen on that situation. But the flip side is a materials transfer is opening at RMC and Im over qualified for that as well so I am considering sliding in there. Only drawback is it would kill my overtime streak because I would get blocked to 80 hours and lose my 120+ so thats a financial hit too. Haha what to do what to do. Best case scenario? mornings at RMC evenings at the city and $115k at years end, scratch that off the non existent bucket list to make $100k in a year :) Thats all going on over here pretty much, cruise was sick likely planning another one later in the year or hawaii again not sure which one I feel like yet. Vegas in a week or so should be good and relaxing. Apparently the racecar coming home pretty soon too? who knew? Pretty excited to revamp the resume' for that interview not gonna lie :) gonna work on that this week a little bit woot woot.

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