Thursday, March 20, 2014


That's the itinerary for the Thursday-Monday vacation. Had a flight credit that was going to expire and figured it was enough of an excuse to go shoot the shit with the homie Carla in Vegas. She got the hotel hook and we boutta just chill and watch ncaa basketball like I enjoy it LoL. Was planning on dropping  some serious cash on the u of a but the moneyline has gone insane and I despise the spread. If it somehow gets back to a reasonable payout you can chalk me up for $1000 for the Arizona team to get through which should be easy or so we hope ha. Still ain't got my Evo back I may have to send out a missing automobile report and see what the holdup is lord it's been forever a man just Wants to go fast haha. Not much else just cleared again 112 hours worked at one job making a cute paycheck to leave to Vegas with. Starting to figure out my after summer plans surgery wise gonna get this ankle/foot taken care of and take off 3 months while I heal and enjoy the fruits of disability payments.   That is all for now if somehow  my weekend goes epic and I win a million bucks don't worry I'll still blog here just more arrogant than I already am. That's it for now. Say what ya mean and mean what ya say!

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