Monday, March 24, 2014

$in City March Madne$$

If you know me you know I think watching other people do sports is suuuuuuuuper lame, because 99% of the time you can go out and do them yourselves and have 10x more fun. Sure the lure of seeing some elite level athlete who has put in the time and work to polish and refine his craft does have some merit, but uhhhhhh fuck that. If you want to hear people praise these guys head over to and those guys will show you how to jock these fools on the regular. Now as for me I personally dont care much for basketball, although I respect the talent of some I just simply dont care much for the game although march always brings the NCAA tourney and that I get excited for just because of the chance to see storied teams get ousted early by random guys who snuck in from outta nowhere. This year it would me Mercer to send Duke packing in the opening round and luckily I steered clear of that bet. I did however pledge to put down $1000 on Arizona in their opener, but the moneyline was turned off when AZ was opened and favored by 22points. Only casino taking action on moneyline bets was GTBets online and it was $6000 to win $100. Clearly I aint risking $6000 so that was a wash. But I went with San Diego and won that bad boy put me up $250, then took Wisconsin who even covered the spread with a late rally and a lucky technical that netted me a few bills and then the bet of the weekend was none other than Arizona again I intended to play Money line for $420 to win $150 or so because AZ was favored by 7. I felt they would win but not nearly by 7... Somehow while talking to the chick at the window we got confused and when I got back to the shep spot I noticed my moneyline was not a moneyline at all! I was stuck with a $420 bet for AZ to cover 7 points?!?! WTF. I hate and despise the spread! The good thing was it would pay double that, but fuck 7 points is alot, I expressed my disdain and swore off the palace station casino's and headed back to watch my money vanish. Little did I know AZ would demolish all comers and win that game by 23 or so. I was up a fresh $400 more and stoked as could be. Factoring in I got to hang with Carla and the Shep crew- Kyle, Brando, Gladys, Diana, Alonzo, and Maryanne calling me a fuckin sailor all weekend I had a great time and made money. AZ versus SDSU next week I may lay down $250 if the stars align but other than that weekend was great. Shoutout Analina too I always shoot her a text when Im in town and she comes through. She had a rough night playing catch up at the bar, but she had a good time so cant say she aint bout it. This older lady at the bar kept asking me to dance over and over and I finally danced with her and Carla was dieing laughing and grabbed her to take a photo with me haha. Cougar? Not so much. LOL good times and as always the 702 never leaves me without a good story. Until next time Vegas, keep it classy.

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