Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something about the west coast, it makes me wanna fly!

Getting the early debarkation nod from the cruise ship is greatly appreciated because you can get off the ship first and on the transfer bus early, the only drawback is you arrive at the early 3hoursbeforw departure haha fuck me. If I were solo I'd visit one of the gaveled Rick Ross strip joints but alas I'm not DOLO do scratch that idea haha. Passed the downtown Miami area and literally 8am and clubs still getting out? Who the fuck parties til. 8am???? Sheeeeesh I give you that Miami you do go hard because that's a loooong night and it wasn't like one or two people haha a solid 15-25 ppl outside of euphoria across from lebrons arena. Insanity. Anyway trip was pretty fresh hit the beach a few times and checked off a few islands which is ways good for the travel cred. Grand Turk was by far my fav island I could pass on Puerto Rico didn't care for it much and Nassau Bahamas was so so. Virgin Islands was coo I'd fuck wit that again all in all had a good time. Back to the grind tomorrow get back to making this money and covering this cruise bill real quick like. Observation of the weekend you appreciate rap and hip hop music sooooooooo much more when you are not around it for a week. Shit sounds like a symphony right now so shout out ace hood radio streaming for me while I kill time and stalk people on face crook haha.

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