Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dual Vacations!

Been resting up a bit lately and feeling good about it. Vegas recharged the batteries and a few lazy days solo helped as well. Rain and NCAA elite 8 games kept me at home snuggled up after working the OT shift. All in all feeling good about it. Evo has been MIA still which is getting really fuckin annoying but the OT shifts have made it so that it isnt a financial burden at all and seriously thank god and my hospital job for that, cuz if I had to pay those costs with minimal work? Pffffft I would be rebuilding a stock evo and throw the racecar aspect out LOL. Thats all for now just over 100 hours worked this last pay period so a little bit of a slow down but plenty of OT in there so we good. The quest for 6 figures continues suckas. BTW. Karma came in the way of Mother Nature bwa ha ha

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