Saturday, November 5, 2016

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If I had to sum up the track right now this image does it perfectly. Haha sometimes I have to remember that not everyone is smart enough or unselfish enough to realize that the track is not to cater to any one persons desires or wishes. We run a program for everyone. Everyone you simple minded moron. Meaning its bigger than what you think needs to be fixed, your issue is not top priority because each unique individual has 10 issues that they think are paramount. Relax and consider resolutions instead of talking shit and creating division when ultimately we all have the same desired end result and that is to have a good local track and thriving program. If I had $1.00 for every "expert" who mumbles and spouts off online about how wrong and bad things are I could pave the turns and buy an endless amount of red carpet to roll out to the pre madonnas that are the BMX race population it seems. Too many times people are quick to shoot off an opinion but have never experienced or done a damn thing on the subject. You gonna tell me how to climb a tree yet you have a fear of heights and have never stepped a foot off the ground? Riiiiiiiight.... Ridiculous. Or better yet, "you're fucking ridiculous" which is what a rider had the nerve to say to a volunteer when he was reminded for the second time that he needed to head to registration and check in for practice... Yeah thats right a grown man 40+ years old is  throwing attitude at a female volunteer because in years upon years of BMX racing he is acting like checking in for practice to cover our asses for insurance purposes is a "fucking ridiculous" request? Are you kidding me? The fact that we even need to send a volunteer to remind you is wasting what precious volunteer resources we have and are thankful for but of course you dont know that because you think the bmx fairy god mother just blows pixie dust and shit gets done right? The new rider packs just come out of thin air, they arent printed up at our real 9-5 jobs on our own time or company time. The paperwork that gets submitted, the sanction fees and motos and balancing all just comes with a quick twirl of the wand right? The clinics that go down to help retain ridership and keep the moto count up so the doors can stay open, thats all just the snap of fingers. Trophies that need to be ordered, inventoried, stocked, distributed, and all reordered again for racing 3 nights a week all that is probably just an Iphone app so it cant be a difficult task. Contacting USABMX to make sure we dont get left in the cold for state races, gold cup qualifiers, etc etc etc. They just probably assume those events for us and do all the work right? Yeah thats right that girl you threw attitude to and every other volunteer are just like you said "fucking ridiculous"... But I think you got it confused because you know what they have a level of volunteerism and commitment that is exactly right "fucking ridiculous" because after what I just showed you which trust me is a mere .0001% of what the hell we do within a track week can only be described as fucking ridiculous. So Rich Lujan quite frankly man, you and your entitled ass can kick rocks as far as Im concerned. You have a piss poor attitude and you seem to have lost what BMX is all about and should really sit back and realize that your selfish too good to check in mentality is the kind of shit that gets a track shut down or a sanction pulled when you get hurt and we have no reason to show why you were even on the track. So raise a glass to you and have a toast to your mentality and hope that it spreads and grows on more of the BMX community... Said no one. Ever.
Stay tuned for tomorrows post which will feature the story of Jon Moohey who thought it was a great sneaky way to obtain a practice sticker under a riders name who everyone in sign ups knows has moved to Florida... Only in BMX I tell you only in BMX.

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